About Foxfield

Foxfield is a sleepy Cumbrian village nestled on the edge of the Lake District National Park. Once a bustling intersection on the west coast line, the line split here heading up through the famous Duddon valley heading towards Coniston and further up the coast which transported raw materials from Cumberland and of course the famous Cumbrian tanneries of yesteryear.

The family owned brand have a heritage in the English Leather Industry which can be traced back to 1948 and now reside within 10 minutes of Foxfield village.

From the above Foxfield Fine Leather was born. The leather used for our products has been carefully selected to give a unique soft to touch” hand feel”, which gives a huge scope for colour as our leather actually takes colour and captures the natural hues and tones of the English Lake District.

Foxfield Fine Leather products resonate quality and luxury in every stitch.

lake district view