Born in the English Lake District

The finest leather and quality craftsmanship have been combined to produce this magnificent Foxfield creation. Capturing the natural hues and tones of the English Lake District, the unique soft texture of the Foxfield leather resonates quality and luxury in every stitch.

About Foxfield

Foxfield became a bustling town, largely due to the famous train junction from where the trains would make their journey to either Cumberland or further up the West Coast. Through this bustling intersection, leather would often be transported from the famous Cumbrian tanneries of yesterday, en route to factories across the UK and ports for distribution around the globe.

Now a picturesque, sleepy town, Foxfield boats view of Black Combe and the splendid Duddon Valley stretching all the way up to Coniston and way out to sea. With this in mind, the Foxfield brand was born from a family with heritage in English leather manufacturing. The Foxfield brand is synonymous for quality and distinction.

The natural splendour of the English Lake District is apparent in the superior materials and flawless craftsmanship in every creation from the Foxield Fine Leather range. Capturing the magnificent hues and tones of the beautiful Cumbrian fells in the softest, buttery leather. Foxfield are renowned for their unique and distinctive fine leather.

about foxfield

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